Goats (2012)



Fifteen-year-old Ellis Whitman (Graham Phillips) is leaving his home in Tucson, Arizona for his freshman year at Gates Academy, an East Coast prep school. He leaves behind Wendy (Vera Farmiga), his flaky, New Age mother, and Goat Man (David Duchovny), a weed-smoking goat trekker and botanist. Goat Man is the only real father that Ellis has ever known, since his biological father, Frank (Ty Burrell), left when he was a baby. and …..


  • David Duchovny as Javier / Goat Man
  • Vera Farmiga as Wendy Whitman
  • Graham Phillips as Ellis Whitman
  • Ty Burrell as Frank Whitman
  • Keri Russell as Judy Whitman
  • Justin Kirk as Bennet
  • Dakota Johnson as Minnie
  • Alan Ruck as Dr. Eldridge
  • Anthony Anderson as Coach
  • Nicholas Lobue as Barney Cannel
  • Steve Almazan as Jesus
  • Adelaide Kane as Aubrey
  • Olga Segura as Serena
  • Minnie Driver as Shaman (uncredited)

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