Girl In Progress (2012)


Girl in Progress is a 2012 American drama film directed by Patricia Riggen. The film received a limited release on May 11, 2012. Originally, the film was scheduled for release on April 27, 2012, but was postponed until May 11, 2012 to avoid competition with The Pirates! Band of Misfits.The film received the Favorite Movie Award at the 2012 ALMA Awards, which honors the accomplishments made by Hispanics in film, television, and music. Cierra Ramirez won the Favorite Movie Actress Supporting Role Award


Grace is a single mom raising her fourteen-year-old daughter, Ansiedad. Grace is busy juggling work, bills, and her relationship with the very married Dr. Hartford, leaving Ansiedad to take care of herself as well as her mother most of the time.

When Ansiedad’s English teacher inspires her with coming-of-age lessons, Ansiedad decides it’s time to rebel and grow up quickly so she will finally be mature enough to move out. She creates a list of tasks she must complete to reach her big goal: run away to New York. And ….


  • Eva Mendes as Grace Gutierrez, the main character of the story, she considers herself a hard working mother, but Ansiedad begs to differ, because Grace is never home when Ansiedad needs her and she puts herself before her daughter.
  • Matthew Modine as Dr. Harford, Grace’s boyfriend who is a gynecologist and a married man.
  • Cierra Ramirez as Ansiedad “Ann” Gutierrez, is a hardworking 15-year-old girl who is never noticed by her mother and plots to runaway and start her adulthood young.
  • Patricia Arquette as Ms. Armstrong
  • Eugenio Derbez as Misión Impossible
  • Russell Peters as Emile
  • Brenna O’Brien as Valerie
  • Landon Liboiron as Trevor
  • Raini Rodriguez as Tavita


Year Award Category Nominee Result
2012 Imagen Foundation Awards Best Supporting Actress/Feature Film Cierra Ramirez Won
ALMA Awards Favorite Movie Won
Favorite Movie Actress-Supporting Role Cierra Ramirez Won
2013 Premios Juventud Favorite Flick Won

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